Why Go Vegan?

So What Is The Vegan Diet?

Vegans simply don’t eat anything that comes directly or indirectly from animals (except the natural act of dusting a blossom). For an easy start, you should have this list in mind

  • no fish and no seafood
  • no milk and other dairy products
  • no cheese (especially)
  • no eggs
  • no honey
  • Many wines and kinds of vinegar, especially red wines are also cleared with gelatin. This goes also for a lot of soft drinks from apple juice to lemonades depending on the brand
  • A lot of non-german beer brands clear their products with isinglass, which is a substance from a fish’s swim bladder. However, the situation on that matter is getting better every year.
  • Some of the famous E food additives are not vegan like E 120 carmine (red colour coming from a coccid insect), E 322 lecithin (could come from egg protein), E 901 bee wax, E 904 shellac (also from a coccid) and several others with potential animal origin

Why should We Do That?

Actually, there are 3 major reasons for becoming a vegan and personal taste is actually not one of them. Believe me, no one wants to look on every package to see which E additives are used. So we directly go to the important stuff.

Reason 1: The Animals

Most vegans are animal friends or even animal activists. The life of an animal is not worth less than the life of a human. But even if you are not such a radical mind with genes to actively fight against animal inequality, you will definitely sooner or later see that things go very wrong in the meat industry. There are too many of us and therefore the demand for meat and animal products is much too high to be able to produce this in a humane and non-painful way for the animals.

Reason 2: Health

There are several aspects that concern the health area. Maybe the most important ones are the lack of cholesterol in almost every meal, which is especially good for a bureau worker with a genetical predisposition for heart disease reaching back several generations like me.

Reason 3: The Environment

To me, the most important aspect overall was to reduce my personal ecologic footprint. I try to find a low energy flat, quit my car some years ago and drink water directly from the tap.

Are There Any Downsides?

Ther are, of course, disadvantages. Living as a vegan is a much less challenging task these days as compared to — let’s say — 20 years ago. It even was harder six years ago, when I became a vegan. But still, there are some things to consider:

  • There is still a rather mixed situation regarding food packaging and the information on it. While the vegan flower label can be seen on more and more products, for many others, this still means reading 3-point font size ingredient lists in the supermarket. So don’t forget your glasses.
  • In restaurants, you need to have trust that vegan or veganized orders are cooked with standards similar to your own and that the chef knows the rules. Especially for (my beloved) Thai food for example, where fish sauce is essential in all otherwise vegan dishes, this is going to be hard.

Final Words

Three important reasons pro veganism. At least for me. That’s why I can’t imagine going back anymore. Since we (me and my wife) do it, we have more variability in our everyday food, have found out about ingredients, we’ve never tasted before and have learned things about cruelties in the production chain of meat, milk and eggs, we’d rather like to never have known. Therefore my personal suggestion is: try it out. For the business people among you: it’s a win-win situation.



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