Why Go Vegan?

So What Is The Vegan Diet?

  • no meat (neither pork, beef, chicken, lamb or kangaroo)
  • no fish and no seafood
  • no milk and other dairy products
  • no cheese (especially)
  • no eggs
  • no honey
  • Gelatin is made out of the bone marrow of a pig and is used in gummy bear sweets, jello, mousses and a lot of other stuff
  • Many wines and kinds of vinegar, especially red wines are also cleared with gelatin. This goes also for a lot of soft drinks from apple juice to lemonades depending on the brand
  • A lot of non-german beer brands clear their products with isinglass, which is a substance from a fish’s swim bladder. However, the situation on that matter is getting better every year.
  • Some of the famous E food additives are not vegan like E 120 carmine (red colour coming from a coccid insect), E 322 lecithin (could come from egg protein), E 901 bee wax, E 904 shellac (also from a coccid) and several others with potential animal origin

Why should We Do That?

Reason 1: The Animals

Reason 2: Health

Reason 3: The Environment

Are There Any Downsides?

  • There is one essential vitamin that you can’t get from your diet. That is B 12. So you’ll have to supplement this. The rest is coming if you choose your ingredients in a balanced way.
  • There is still a rather mixed situation regarding food packaging and the information on it. While the vegan flower label can be seen on more and more products, for many others, this still means reading 3-point font size ingredient lists in the supermarket. So don’t forget your glasses.
  • In restaurants, you need to have trust that vegan or veganized orders are cooked with standards similar to your own and that the chef knows the rules. Especially for (my beloved) Thai food for example, where fish sauce is essential in all otherwise vegan dishes, this is going to be hard.

Final Words




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Matthias Reis

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